A Little Meditation Routine

I want to show you that meditation can be one of most natural and simplest things in the world. It doesn´t require much time and to be honest with you I even hesitated to call it meditation.

I want to tell you about my meditation practice which I enjoy at least once per day. The practice which I am going to explain to you is incredibly simple yet so essential in all of our lifes.

I´m convinced that the positive outcome of this practice defines how focused I can pursue my projects, how relaxed I interact with other human beings and eventually how confident I feel during the day.

The practice I am referring to is conscious breathing … It is the most natural thing in the word. Conscious breathing means to deeply inhale fresh air, to feel it filling the lungs and to finally and slowly exhale it. You can practice conscious breathing no matter where you are or how little time you have available.

Let me tell you two examples how I practice conscious breathing at least once per day.

  • Right after I wake up: I do my morning routine (wash my face, brush my teeth, etc.). Thereafter I open my balcony doors and just comfortably stand there… Maybe I notice some birds singing or I can taste the earthly smell of the air while it´s raining. Next I close my eyes … and I consciously take five deep breaths … I open my eyes again, smile and continue with my day.
  • While I commute: I enter the train and find a place to sit. I make myself comfortable and take an upright position. I close my eyes and fade out the surrounding noise by genuinely accepting that noise. I enjoy as much conscious breaths as my time allows and as I feel comfortable with. I open my eyes again, smile (if I want) and continue my day.

Every other activity that I will face during the day are of minor importance. Catching up on the latest news, last minute preparations for a business meeting or keeping the deadline to hand in your project report – all this is second priority compared to the simple, yet essential, activity of breathing.

The process of conscious breathing makes something very clear to me. Each moment of it illustrates that all the challenges, problems and stressful deadlines are just of second importance in my life. As long as I breath I know that I´m fine … I know that my world will not go down. Even if I fail in everything else. Therefore, it helps me to detach myself from the wrong believe that solely my performances define how valuable I am as a human being.

Ironically detaching myself from my performances, increases my ability to focus on my projects, to feel more relaxed during the day and eventually to feel much more confident in who I am and what I want in life.


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